Millennials Are Wondering What’s the Point Anymore?

Millennials are wondering what’s the point anymore? I’m sure more people are wondering that each day, or finding themselves wondering that more often each day. I know I do – with everything, every single day now. What is the point? What is the point in me doing something or saying something or wanting something orContinue reading “Millennials Are Wondering What’s the Point Anymore?”

So What Shall We Choose?

So what shall we choose? Reflection and Acceptance Will Be Key to Moving Forward. An extremist world where we are all a war of mind versus heart. It is ourselves alone who will destroy all if we continue to allow irrelevant details lead our lives. In this world our own thoughts could become our worstContinue reading “So What Shall We Choose?”

Looking For Fairy Garden Box Inspiration?

Fairy Garden Box Inspiration is here! Check out the green thumb for inspiration and ideas. Getting Back to Nature – We All Need This Gardening is so good for all things; it’s good for you, it’s good for the plants, and more than anything, it relieves stress! I started my garden box outside so thatContinue reading “Looking For Fairy Garden Box Inspiration?”

An Open Letter to the Adults

An open letter to the “adults” of Canada, as we have to walk away from toxic workplaces, coercion and make hard decisions for ourselves against this tyranny. We will not accept this tyranny and we will not stand by. We want to do better and so encourage everyone to learn and to try to doContinue reading “An Open Letter to the Adults”

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