An Open Letter to the Adults

Independent Millennial, An Open Letter to the Adults Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch
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An open letter to the “adults” of Canada, as we have to walk away from toxic workplaces, coercion and make hard decisions for ourselves against this tyranny. We will not accept this tyranny and we will not stand by. We want to do better and so encourage everyone to learn and to try to do better. We will walk away and forge our own paths to succeed. Realize that we now understand the concept that the actual truth is; you need us more than we need you.

For Those Who Need to Hear This

Dear Adults,

The time has come to say goodbye but that is not an end, it is just a new beginning. I hope that with time it also does not mean that what was accomplished is lost or forgotten. It has been a crazy time, many of us could look back and realize we know what pandemics are like before the world joined in with all the ups, downs, lefts, and rights, but hey, that’s life with corruption. There has been good, bad, and ugly, but all things are not in vain if we have learned from them and ensure that we will always try to do and be better moving forward.

I’m sorry my leaving was so abrupt, and I didn’t get the chance to explain or say goodbye to everybody, but the moment came and it was time. I will miss many of you and the kindness, laughter, strength and encouragement you gave me in our every encounter, and I will probably miss the running around too. But let me tell you, I will not miss the toxic environment created through the disrespectful nature from (some of) those no longer working, towards those doing their job.

Losing Track Of Their Purpose

As the “wise adults” within a society you should ensure you are always encouraging an honest and prosperous path for the next generations and the children or vulnerable people who only have the opportunities and society given to them by “adults” before them. However, that is not happening at all. We really need to reflect on who we have become as a society of people and the engagement we have with each other and the world.

While everyone has been so caught up wanting and taking more, never appreciating what they already had or have, they take away the recognition and support needed for the next ones who deserve the same chances and experiences. Thus, it is now time to reflect on the realities to being someone who stands in the way of that; creating an environment that kills the hopes, dreams and prospects of young people.

That is why this political tyranny is carrying on and burning out the last people left working. It is why hate and anger is growing and not diminishing. You should all know better than anyone to question what is said to you, especially by government authorities and media. Yet here we are, most people sit back and allow the TV to tell them the truth. I dare you to try a new way; try trusting the people in your life that prove to you every single day that they are reliable and trustworthy. You don’t have to like them, but you can recognize what they are doing and what they are doing for what is right.

What Happens to People as They Realize Their Social, Political and Economic Powers Given To Them By The Socially Constructed Term “Adult”?

We’ve fallen victim to trusting strangers who manipulate and allow them to undermine what we know in our own lives and what we see out our own windows. I ask you to try something; every time you read, see or hear something from the big media groups: go outside to see if it’s there, talk to people involved to get their side, ask people around you about it, research a little further, think back on your memories, just remember to forge and stand by your own viewpoint.

It has been both difficult and wonderful being such a young person working in these specific industries, in this specific time, and in this specific place. I have learned a lot about the vulnerabilities of being a human being and I learned the importance of looking ahead and being ready to accept what is coming. Watching everyone aging so differently and living in their independence so differently, really showed me how different everybody is, and what a difference the individual can make to themselves and to others. If only everybody recognized the power they hold and the influence they have.

Independent Millennial, An Open Letter to the Adults Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch

If you take a moment to think about your communities, home or your work, you will realize every single one of you are part and parcel to creating the energy and environment that exists around you. It is up to each of you to make that a beacon of hope or a place to fall and crumble. I really hope that as we move into the future, that we learn to appreciate what we have and to make the most of it. A main thing I learned is how easy it is for people to step back and allow others to do the work as they have less and less to worry about themselves. The complacency that can develop in people to expect others to do the work for you, it’s detrimental to your independence and your own psyche as well as the people you’re pushing that on.

It’s Time to Reflect and Refocus

I was told by someone once… “your rights end where my rights begin.” Funnily enough, this was said at the beginning of this pandemic farce and I think about it all the time; how the entire country of Canada has pushed that ideal on the next generations and all its citizenry. Now in this case, only one person may have said it out loud, but the honest truth of it is that, that mentality is very prevalent everywhere we go and put out by many people that cause the negative ripples that we all endure. There have been and still are many people who are acting with that in mind every single day, and towards all staff and people past, present but hopefully not for the new ones to come. Think deeply on that and realize that kind of mentality is probably more deeply rooted than many realize and more than that, it is probably shared by more people than anyone realizes.

Again, this entire farce we are facing right now is because there are too many citizens who genuinely believe they are better and deserve more than others, and that is just not true. So, work together and help each other, try finding out the why to what is happening, and the understanding of the situation might allow it to be easier to deal with. Do not give so much space for the negative and detrimental to fester; the positive majority can always conquer it if you band together and do all things for what is right. Encourage each other and find out where a person’s fear is coming from. Help them to find safety and comfort, do not judge and alienate.

The Strength of Independence

Many of you know how important your independence is to me as that gives you strength to watch out for yourself. You know how important it is to me for you to recognize the power you have in exercising your independence. But I want your independence to be important to you more and to know what it means for you. Now that doesn’t mean that you don’t accept help, it means that you know what you are capable of and know what your limits are and appreciate those realities.

In doing this, one can find more appreciation in what others do for them as they realize that work is no longer a hill for them to climb. However, as we develop an expectation that those around us are only there to do for us and answer to us, we develop a disrespectful and oppressive environment, and it isn’t good for anybody.

The Government’s Ideas and Societal Norms Do Not Give A Person Free Reign to Harm Others

The reality is that the concept of an adult or a senior is totally open to interpretation, but that being the case… make sure that interpretation is a positive one and not a negative one. It is not a bad thing to grow up, it’s just a little more difficult, but we’ve got the experience to deal with it and think through it!

No matter what age you are, use this time to realize that any adult, if you’re lucky enough to still be here, has lived far too long and had far too many experiences to act ignorant to the realities of the world or to what their neighbour is dealing with. We don’t have to know all the details to be able to use common sense or to be compassionate. We can put our feet into someone else’s shoes. We know the difference between right and wrong and we can choose for ourselves to do right by others and ourselves. Now is truly the time to realize this and do better.

If I can leave you with anything, it is to please: always think for yourself and speak for yourself. Do not stand by on the sidelines. Always question because there has to be a reasonable answer at the end of it; the truth will always set you free. Encourage each other towards more positive things and try to tackle hardships with compassion, you might realize there are more people out there that understand where you are coming from than you think.

Take care everyone and I hope this finds you well.

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