A Note From My Younger Self

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A little creative writing from my highschool years:

This is a place alive with energy, colour and scenery that can take your breath away. A place so beautiful and plentiful that life can thrive upon it. From this land came every source for survival, for its wild life and for us. Soon with our development came the ability to use these sources to our advantage. Something humans do best.

A Glimpse Into The Future

Creativity and opportunity have now become a part of our everyday lives. We capture the enchantment of nature through artistry and it causes an eruption of feelings. We make music that speaks for what cannot and it turns the soul. We’ve created business that now leads us down a new path. We use ourselves and others to make an impression, to cause ourselves to think, to stamp our hearts.

Independent Millennial, A Note From My Younger Self Post Feature Image by Sensitive Betch

People are so glued to perfection, we make ourselves alluring so that people cannot help but to turn their heads twice. Life has become so easy these days that for so many lives, the most distressing thought might be what to wear for the day. But with our endless advancements and improvements, comes many sacrifices. The need for domination has driven our growth as a race, it’s led to the buildup of construction, advertising, commerce, and the general idea of what it means to succeed as a people in our societies.

The life we’ve created today seems to be a positive one when compared to who we are as a society and how we must live in order to survive. The scenes we see outside today echo the remodeling of each decade that has occurred over time and although we’ve been able to grow and change as a people, our equality and the Earth itself has diminished. It is a vain progression that is far from perfect. For with our changes came destruction. It has taken us so long to accept that our personal success as a human race has led to the growing failure of this world.

Alarm Bells Have Been Ringing

We build ourselves up as we compose our habitat to what we want to see while disregarding those we share it with. It may have been forgotten that this may be the true reason for this decay. This disregard may be the true essence of what our world has become and the real basis for the illness of a beautiful creation.

We may have a new summary for this world. It no longer seems to be a place to be able to roam freely, worship nature, to be friends with animals, or take refuge where ever it’s safe, since we’ve embodied this disregard. We need to recreate a world that matches the bountiful title of Earth again, not change the world to mirror our narrow desires.

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