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To the masters of the unknown, remaining calm even in times of uncertainty. Moving forward without hesitation; for moving without trustful certainty of the future, is in itself a brave move. Live your life to find your purpose.

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There’s a tendency for me to dabble in all sorts of interests and trades here, so have fun exploring it all! Keep on scrolling for different topics. You might just find what you’re looking for! There’s anything and everything for you to explore here; from politics and information resources, to art, media and funny stuff. There’s creative writing, poetry and some serious questions and ideas discussed here too. DIY projects, beauty tips and tricks and our cats to brighten the mood… Just so we can take a break from the madness here and there, to remember to appreciate the funny (and cute) parts of life sometimes.

Independent Millennial - Observe and Question. Listen to the world around you and those within it. When you are lost and have many questions; ask for the answers and they must be found.
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We are bombarded by external factors telling us what to think and what to care about. Here I want to inspire you to find that for yourself. To encourage independence in finding your own purpose and understanding for yourself. One that works for you, and your chosen life.

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The Millennials Headspace Dabbles in all Interests and Trades

Inspirational Hub: Millennials Headspace; in a world always changing, I'd rather dabble in all sorts of interests, ideas, knowledge and trades than to think I should, or could only ever master one.

In a world always changing, I’d rather dabble in all sorts of interests, ideas, knowledge and trades than to think I should, or could only ever master one.

Inspirational and Reflective Art, Creative Writing, DIY Projects, Beauty Tips and Tricks, Interests, Politics, Wealth Talk, Funny Stuff, Cute Cats and Much More to Inspire You!






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Inspirational Hub: Sassy-Soo, Mr. Leo and Derperella, our mom, dad and daughter family of Flamepoint Siamese cats.
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Here’s to being independent, sharing ideas, thoughts, research, information, designs, DIY projects, natural beauty and some funny stuff too, for inspiration towards doing things in your own unique ways for yourself.

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We cannot re-write history again and again and expect to learn or to do better. We must teach, learn and remember all sides of every story in order to better understand and determine the best solutions. Questions must be asked in order to know where we truly stand so that we can do for ourselves, independently first.

Inspirational Hub: Think for yourself. Speak for yourself. Research for yourself. Explore for yourself. Inspire yourself. Make a life for yourself.

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